Solarmax II 60 with Richview Tuning and Moonlite Focuser

I love the views through my Coronado H-alpha scope but I have never liked the helical focuser. It was especially frustrating during imaging sessions with my DMK41 camera. Ron Newman of Moonlite focusers had an adapter design available for the older model of the Solarmax 60 but not the new version with the Richview tuner. I contacted Ron and he was happy to help. I shipped him my scope and in a couple of weeks he returned it and my new Moonlite focuser. Ron has now added the Solarmax II 60 with Richview tuner to his list of supported scopes.

The new focuser is buttery smooth and the quality of workmanship is outstanding. I decided to add the stepper motor option to my focuser since I intend to continue using this scope for imaging. For visual use the clutch can be disengaged in seconds with no tools needed.

Coronado Solarmax II 60 orignal configuration
Solarmax II 60 disassembled
Solarmax II 60 disassembled with new Moonlite focuser in position
New focuser with high res stepper motor option
New focuser with internal threads for the Richview tuner element visible
Installing the tuner : 1
Installing the tuner : 2
Installation complete : 1
Installation complete : 2

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